Sophisticated attackers exploit unpatched software every day. Indeed, a Ponemon Research cybersecurity study found:

  • 57% of breaches were due to an unpatched vulnerability, and
  • 34% of breached organizations knew they had unpatched vulnerabilities, but did nothing

Why? Because overworked IT teams lack time and staff to deal with the technical, organizational and process control challenges.

The whole patching process is complicated drudgery. We can help!

Download this whitepaper – learn about new Vulnerability Scanning & Patch Management services run by security experts for you, including:

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities to identify necessary software patches
  • Deploying patches to multiple systems in one action
  • Verifying that patches are installed properly
  • Providing an auditable change management process
  • Generating reports for process improvement and audit records

This report is for written for security, architect, operations, infrastructure, and compliance professionals.

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