The global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals means organizations in all industries are struggling to fill roles and retain talent. Recent research reveals that this trend is expected to continue and organizations must adapt to overcome these challenges.  In this webcast recording Neil Weitzel, Director of Security Research at Cygilant, will discuss how savvy organizations are positioned to overcome these challenges and become leaders amongst their peers. We’ll cover:

  • How bad is the current shortage of talent
  • What trends are making this problem more challenging for organizations
  • What changes can be made to overcome these obstacles
  • Alternatives to hiring that can deliver quick return on investment

About the Speaker: 

Cygilant Director of Security Research, Neil Weitzel

Neil Weitzel

Neil has 10 years of professional technology experience; he has in-depth experience working in a variety of information technology roles from user support to leading security programs. His unique experience in systems administration and software development provides insight valuable to any team. In addition to being an application penetration tester, Neil is also a cybersecurity trainer. Outside of Security Research at Cygilant, Neil is an active member of the security community by delivering lectures at DEFCON, OWASP and various Boston Security Meetups.

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