A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an important tool to establish effective cybersecurity. 

What to look for when selecting a SIEM solution?

There are questions you’ll want to ask when building a SIEM shortlist and ways to evaluate a SIEM. At Cygilant, we selected a new SIEM provider to work with in 2020. With a focus on partnering with best-of-breed vendors, we took the time to extensively evaluate SIEM providers.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss how we evaluated and selected LogPoint. Cygilant is uniquely positioned to present this webinar as we selected a SIEM not for us but for our customers. We needed to ensure it was the right tool for managing cybersecurity risk. In this webinar we’ll showcase:

  • How we selected SIEMs to evaluate
  • What criteria we used including how it would improve log collection
  • Why we partnered with LogPoint

Learn from our team of cybersecurity experts and also see a LogPoint demo at the end of the webinar.