cyberattack32.pngTired of scrambling to react to security findings? Is your security program driven by compliance? Standards are written vaguely and several activities that can fulfill a particular requirement. This webinar will review several activities which can enhance the maturity level of your cybersecurity program.

You will learn:

  • To include or mature security activities in their program and identify points of interest before they become vulnerabilities
  • How to take immediate action toward hardening the security posture of their organizations
  • Answers to common questions cybersecurity programs encounter, how to arrive at solutions and apply controls that remediate their root cause
We will leverage real-world observations of security operations to articulate the point that building a mature cybersecurity program is essential for their companies and clients.


About the Speaker:
Cygilant Director of Security Research, Neil Weitzel

neil.pngNeil has 10 years of professional technology experience with in-depth experience working in a variety of information technology roles from user support to advising security managers. His unique experience in systems administration and software development provides deep insight. In addition to being an expert application penetration tester, Neil is also an experienced trainer; he advises teams on congruent tasks without losing sight of details. Technology is a passion of Neil’s. Outside of work, he is an active member of the security community by delivering lectures at DEF CON, OWASP and Security Meetups, leading capture the flag teams in open competitions and developing software.


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